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Madonna’s sacral online course

The power of the 12 constellations — in you

JOIN IN Madonna
Activate the power of the 12 constellations and gain knowledge of rituals that will stay with you for all your life
You will be able to manage your energy and power
You will learn to be in a resourceful state at all times
My dear, I am happy that your bright soul
seeks spiritual growth and wisdom!

At the moment we are all standing on the threshold of transition into a New Age, where women will gain great power and become a transforming force. But to succeed in this transition we, women, should:

  • Activate the sacred power of the 12 Feminine Constellations that have a projection in your aura.
  • Release your feminine power, learn to act out of Love and prosperity.
  • Learn to control this power.
  • Learn to connect with the Source of power.

As soon as you conjoin with all 12 constellations, a bright sign of enlightened power will appear in your aura. From this point on your destiny, the destiny of everyone connected with you, the destiny of the country will begin changing.

My beautiful women,
I invite you to this course,
a field of support, love, and warmth

In each online ritual, we will develop your whole inner potential and attract the power of the creator. My mission is to help you activate the power of the 12 Sacred Constellations and obtain the sign of the enlightened power so that in the Age of Aquarius you could acquire a new destiny and find your true predestination.

You can leave everything as it is...
Or you can follow your heart’s voice and become a woman who has found great wisdom!

Who is my course
suitable for?
  • For women who feel they are meant for more.
  • For women who are in crisis. It is through crises and falls that we reach a new level. A crisis is the best moment to start a new life.
  • For women who desire to obtain spiritual wisdom and new knowledge.
  • For women who realize their power, but do not know how to manage it.
The program consists of online rituals
Each of them will help you develop your hidden abilities
Lesson 1
The Flight to Andromeda.
The beauty of the star reflected
in your femininity
  • You will discover the constellation Andromeda and its shining stars bringing beauty and youth.
  • Connecting with this constellation will renew and rejuvenate your aura.
  • The star's energy will increase your magnetism and attractiveness by 100%
  • You will receive the first key to the inner feminine power, mysterious and deeply hidden.
  • You will learn to control the Power of the Constellation and connect with it by yourself
  • Mudra of eternal youth
  • Points on the body for health activation
  • Mantra for Magnetism expansion
Lesson 2
The flight to Cassiopeia.
The power of intuition your way to success
  • You will connect with the constellation Cassiopeia and its shining stars awakening deep intuitive knowledge.
  • You will access your inner compass, allowing you to make better decisions, understand the motives of other people, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
  • Cassiopeia's shining stars of success will guide you through any difficulties.
  • You will learn to achieve the "Impossible" by understanding and fully activating the Law of Attraction.
  • No more doubts and uncertainties, the ability to act quickly and dead on target. You will feel where to get the most profit, who to address for help and support
  • Mudra of intuition development
  • Third eye point
  • Mantra for Sensuality awakening
Lesson 3
The flight to Lira.
The creative power of the Universe hidden in you
  • You will connect with the constellation of the creative power of our entire Galaxy.
  • You will discover the flow of abundance through the awareness of your feminine predestination.
  • The constellation will tell you your strong points and personal qualities.
  • You will gain knowledge of your personal qualities of perfection - your true energy reserve.
  • By accessing your inner perfection reserve you will acquire the superpower to create a special enchantment field around you.
  • Mudra of Lira activation
  • Mantra for predestination revealing
Lesson 4
The flight to Ascella.
Transforming Power of love
  • You will unite with the infinite Power of Universal Love. This love will melt down all problems and difficulties in your life.
  • Women connecting with the constellation of Ascella develop a great state of love - this ability makes a woman a magnet for everyone.
  • You will learn to act out of Love and follow your unique path
  • The magical power of Ascella will thrust away all the negative events and people in your environment, creating a protective sphere around you
  • You will feel the Universal Power of Love and what it means to be the favorite of fortune and luck
  • Mudra for connecting with Ascella
  • Mantra of the Universal love
Lesson 5
The flight to Columnia.
The access to the source of feminine wisdom
  • In this lesson, you will connect with the constellation Columnia, the sanctuary of feminine wisdom.
  • A woman who has obtained access to Universal wisdom can stop negativity, and make a person understand the right way to behave with just one word.
  • You will get the superpower to solve any situation with your presence only because the wisdom of the constellation will change the space around you.
  • You will connect with the wisdom of the Universe.
  • Mudra for activating the universal source of knowledge
  • Points connecting us with the Family power
  • Mantra for gaining the wisdom of the forefathers
Lesson 6
The flight to Carina.
The Power of magic in you
  • In this lesson, you will discover the most mysterious constellation that will help you develop your superpower - clairvoyance.
  • You will discover your magical skills - conscious dreaming, traveling on the subtle plane of existence, and changing the future.
  • You will be able to predict disasters and avoid them of your own free will.
  • This will make you so soft and feminine, so strong and powerful inside, as a woman should be.
  • You will acquire the patronage of the stars, which will create the best circumstances to help you achieve any goal.
  • Mudra for connecting with Paramatma
  • Points for activating your exceptional abilities
  • Mantra for developing connection with Carina
Lesson 7
The flight to Adhara.
The divine beauty in one bright star
  • This flight will help you clear yourself and your life of the negative experiences in your present and even in your past lives.
  • You will get a fresh start and discover new possibilities in your life.
  • You will feel more whole and fulfilled than ever.
  • You will develop a sense of clarity and connection with the Universe itself, which will give you confidence. Thoughts of failure will no longer hold you back.
  • Mudra for karma purification
  • Points for mind cleansing
  • Mantra of piety
Lesson 8
The flight to Phoenix.
The eternal life in one moment
  • You will learn the recipe for eternal life. Health, beauty, and youth will fill every cell of you.
  • A woman knowing the power of eternal life will remain attractive, interesting, and loved forever, even after this life is over.
  • You will gain special knowledge of how to awaken the power of your inner eternal beauty.
  • Your voice will remain young and your mind will always be quick.
  • Mudra for connecting with Phoenix
  • Points for prosperity power activating
  • Mantra of feminine power
Lesson 9
The flight to Pavia.
The queen of the Galaxy
  • In this lesson, you will connect with the constellation of Pavia - you will discover the dignity, regality, and confidence of a star queen.
  • A woman connected to this constellation will activate the higher predestination of her destiny.
  • You will become a channel of love and blessing for all women.
  • You will acquire the patronage of the higher spirits of the Galaxy.
  • Mudra of the Kings
  • Points for activating your natural wisdom
  • Mantra of Power and Virtue
Lesson 10
The flight to Lyncia.
The return to your essence
  • The power of this constellation brings you back to your essentiality.
  • You will discover yourself and gain a deeper understanding of the laws of life. This will enable you to know exactly what happiness is for you, and who will bring you joy or disappointment.
  • You will learn to read and understand the signs of the universe.
  • You will gain special knowledge, how to awaken the power of your essentiality.
  • Mudra of your Soul
  • Point of Life
  • Mantra of Divine Predestination
Lesson 11
The constellation of Apodisia.
The trip to paradise
  • Harmony, kindness, love - everything in your life will begin coming into balance.
  • You will learn to harmonize all areas of your life.
  • You will gain more power, pleasure, juice, and joy in all aspects of your life.
  • You will find a more conscious relationship with your body and inner, authentic self.
  • You will improve relationships with your partner, children, workmates, family, and friends.
  • Mudra of Creator and Source
  • Points for recognizing your divinity
  • Mantra of harmony, kindness, and love
Lesson 12
The constellation of Leonisia.
The endless trip to God
  • Connecting the 12 constellations and understanding how the world really works.
  • You will gain special knowledge of how to become a powerful goddess who has incarnated to change the world and destiny.
  • We all live through various lessons on earth, and the main task of the Soul is to return to the Creator’s footsteps.
  • Those who unite with this constellation receive the blessing of the mighty stars.
  • A legend has it that whoever acquires the patronage of Leonisia receives the power of the 12 goddesses, their beauty, wisdom, intuition, divine essence, royalty, clairvoyance - all skills and all supreme qualities.
  • To receive this power, you must be ready and receive the power of all 11 constellations.
  • Mudra of Unity
  • Points of all constellations connections
  • Mantra of the Triumph of Life on Earth
+ 12 gyud sessions for deep work
with your subconscious mind
How does the course work?
Step 1

You send an application, pay for your participation by any convenient way and wait for the start date of the course

Step 2

You get access to your personal account with video lessons and gift materials

Step 3

Do all the practices and gyud sessions with Enlightened Priestess Madonna

Step 4

After completing all 12 lessons, the sign of your individual constellation will burn in your aura

  • Enlightened woman and temple priestess
  • Her Spiritual Master is Sri Aurobindo
  • Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities
  • Besides, she is a leader of charity movements all over the world. Every day she helps women all around the world, with advice and deed, to become empowered, healthy and happy
  • Madonna is an enlightened woman, who came from the star Sirius to Earth with a great mission. An enlightened Masters call Madonna “The Mother of the Earth”, because by her spiritual actions, prayers, meditations and magic rituals she strives to prevent the end of the life on the Earth
  • Charity leader, The Creator of the International Temple school, she leads the circles of Feminine Power, seminars and practices of love and mutual help all over the world. She does everything what is needed to help humanity to avoid the planetary catastrophe and to reach prosperity
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You will gain limitless opportunities to fulfill your dreams, realizing the desires that speak to the true calling of your soul

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You will gain the power of the 12 goddesses, their beauty, wisdom, intuition, divine nature - all the highest qualities of a woman in the Age of Aquarius

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"I am looking forward to seeing you at our live meeting, it's so important for women of power to share their energy with each other"

Only on this course you will activate the power of the 12 constellations
and gain knowledge about rituals that will stay with you for your whole life!

Participants’ reviews confirm this:

«I have my own business, I work a lot and have lack of time to rest, relax and get inspiration. So I noticed that my energy was very low, I suffered from emotional misbalance, I was grumpy and irritable. I felt I needed something that will restore my energy and recharge my mind.»

«..she can help you with any question you want to resolve. It’s amazing.. amazing practices. Wonderful retreat! She helps all women all over the world, on the planet... I’m so happy and full of energy. Come and meet enlightened priestess Madonna. She can teach you. She has so much love for women, so much knowledge opened for us from sacred places, she learned it all her life from childhood... You can be better, more healthy..»

«I know myself, I know my human being who can hesitate and be afraid of things. Also, I feel my soul who saves wisdom, love and the knowledge of my predestination in this life. Ancient practices on Madonna’s retreats help women to remind who they are, heal soul wounds, change life for better and create healthy and happy relationships with other people and the world.»


You might have questions, I want to answer some of the most popular ones right away!

Can I practice the rituals from the course again by myself?

Absolutely! It takes more than one day of practice to become a woman of power! Dears, you will always have access to the materials!

Will the course help me become stronger and learn to be more independent?

Yes, during my course you develop in all areas, from love and spirituality to finances and all material things!

How long does it take to become a woman of power?

Dear, it's a long process of development, but I can help you with that, this course will put you on the right path and you will start getting closer to your goal!

Will I meet my soulmate if I become a woman of power?

Dear, the higher your level of spiritual development, the stronger your connection to your soulmate! You will start taking your first steps toward him and soon you will surely find him!

Will I learn to make the right decisions in life?

Definitely! During the course, I'll teach you to recognize which person is right for you, and which is not, which one is worth doing business with, and which one is not!