Online course
5 weeks

Madonna’s sacral online course

The power of the 12 constellations — in you

Activate the power of the 12 constellations and gain knowledge of rituals that will stay with you for all your life
You will be able to manage your energy and power
You will learn to be in a resourceful state at all times
Are you taking a course
and discovering new facets?
Do you want to understand yourself and learn more
about your feminine energy?

I have gathered here materials with deep meaning and great power for the
deepest possible immersion into the sensual world of a woman.

Mandala for Discovering Your Creative Talents
Connecting with the energies of this Mandala will open up a flow of creativity and inspiration within you. Regular meditation on this magical image will fill your subtle bodies and develop the hidden talents within you: to delight others with your voice, to foretell forthcoming events, to see a visionary dream, to feel the energy of other people.

A daily meditation on the Mandala for Discovering Your Creative Talents will give you confidence in the creative direction in which you wish to develop. It will help you develop your imagination and creative thinking. You will acquire the qualities of a muse and inspirer.

You can become a real magnet
for attracting the right situations and people into your life:
  • Good luck, favourable circumstances and success in all affairs will come into your life
  • You'll be admired and adored by men and women around you
  • New opportunities to attract financial well-being will open up for you in a woman-like and easy way
  • You will be able to gain the ability to communicate with all kinds of people, including those of the highest status
  • You will be filled with feminine beauty, flexibility, and charm. The energy will fill all your female chakras and reveal the best feminine qualities, bestowed on you by the Higher Power
  • You will be able to reveal your ability to control your female sexual energy and become a real Magician
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«I have my own business, I work a lot and have lack of time to rest, relax and get inspiration. So I noticed that my energy was very low, I suffered from emotional misbalance, I was grumpy and irritable. I felt I needed something that will restore my energy and recharge my mind.»

«..she can help you with any question you want to resolve. It’s amazing.. amazing practices. Wonderful retreat! She helps all women all over the world, on the planet... I’m so happy and full of energy. Come and meet enlightened priestess Madonna. She can teach you. She has so much love for women, so much knowledge opened for us from sacred places, she learned it all her life from childhood... You can be better, more healthy..»

«I know myself, I know my human being who can hesitate and be afraid of things. Also, I feel my soul who saves wisdom, love and the knowledge of my predestination in this life. Ancient practices on Madonna’s retreats help women to remind who they are, heal soul wounds, change life for better and create healthy and happy relationships with other people and the world.»